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My motive behind writing here, is to spread (and surely to obtain knowledge from your valuable comments) knowledge on ” promotional Factors” of  Indian Music. Before start-up with those factors, a short introduction of Indian music is being provided…………..

Music is an art form, whose medium is sound organized in time.
Common elements of music are pitch (which governs melody and harmony),
rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation),
dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture.

Music has always played a significant part
in the development of human personality and human society. Almost every religion has utilized music for eliciting moods of detachment from the life of senses;
others have used it to bring about mass spiritual ecstasy through prolonged,
repetitive song and dance in the group or congregation.

The history of Indian Music is very amazing in reality. In spite of long
periods of rule by the outsiders, Indian music never lost its vigor and
popularity. From the primitive period right down to the present day, it has
created and is also creating a glorious history of its own.
From the ancient time to modern age, Indian music has passed
through serious changing phases in terms of quality and quantity both. There
are different reasons for this gradual transformation including political, social
and economic technically factors. Although every phase has given a new
dimension, the traditional concept and identity still remains unchanged. It has
not been lost over the years.

In modern era, India has various popular musical forms and almost every form of Indian music has got not only recognition but global glorification. Some of the genres of Indian music are as under:

 Classical Music

  • Hindustani Classical Music
  • Carnatic Music/ South Indian Classical Music

Semi Classical

  • Thumri
  • Dadra
  • Tappa
  • Hori
  • Kajri
  • Chaiti
  • Dhamar-Hori
  • Gazal

Folk Music

Religious Music

Film Music

Fusion Music

An exhaustive note on each and every genre mentioned above will soon be uploaded………………………………

Now, you are requested to concentrate on the second line from beginning………. “promotional Factors”

Today, unlike the past, music is not confined to the Courts, Temples or moneyed people of our society. It is now available to everyone (who is interested) but it did not happened automatically. There are so many different factors behind promotion of Indian Music. Some of the factors (apart from musicians who always worked hard to make it possible) responsible for availability are as under;

Music Education:


Education system of music is unique and amazing since its beginning. Earlier, there was only “GURU-SHISHYA PARAMPARA” (Oral Tradition) to move this unique art forward, in which most of the disciples use to stay with Guru (Teacher) for many years to do everyday Riyaz (Practice). This Oral tradition produced different Gharana (Schools of Music). This oral Tradition have provided unlimited numbers of great musicians to the universe and still doing.

The “GURU-SHISHYA PARAMPARA” is still in trend and most of the serious music students follow this education system in present time.

Music in Institute(s):

Another way of music Education is Institutes. There are many Institutes in India providing music education with a defined syllabus. Under this mode, one has to enroll himself/herself to a specific course as per the eligibility criteria set by the concerned institute. The students, at the time of registration, need to pay fee for the course. Unlike the oral tradition, in institutional music education system, Students go to the class like any other subject and learn music according to syllabus and the faculty available at the institute. The courses may vary in different institutes. Most of the institutes have courses available for Vocal (Hindustani & South Indian) and Instrumental (Sitar & Tabla) music at College/University level.

However, Music is also available in many schools, but the pattern and motive of music education there seems bit different from college/university system.

Music Festival, Concerts and Mehfils:

Since its inception, music has been getting in touch with mass through the Mehfils and concerts, although even a century ago, concerts/Mehfils were not for the mass, it was only for moneyed people and Kings as I mentioned earlier. But now the trend is different. One can attend concerts of great musicians very easily. There are so any annual concerts took place in and outside the India. Some of these are organized by Government bodies and some others by private organizers.

Musical Competitions:

Presently music competitions are doing very well. Where competitions provide music to audience, at the same time chance is being provided to the performer to showcase his/her talent. These Competitions give spirit to amateur Artists to do well and chance to understand the Audience.  Some of the Competitions offer good Prize money which certainly helps the Artist financially. By winning competition winner become more confident and rest of the participants get a chance of self-evaluation.


India is a vast and diverse country with a rich cultural heritage that has been widely appreciated all over the world. Over the years, the Central and State Government of India have set up many regional as well as National Academies and agencies with the aim of promoting music and other cultural art forms. on the other hand some non-govt. organizations are also doing great to promote music.

With the help of a plethora of these cultural organizations, the Indian music is being successfully promoting,

Audio-Visual Recording Technology

It is difficult to imagine any aspect of music today that is not touched by technology. As listeners, chances are great that we hear recorded music that has been produced by advanced digital techniques. As performers, we use instruments and perform in space that have benefited from countless technological advances in materials and design. As composers and arrangers, we no longer rely on pencil and paper alone.

Music technology is as old as music itself. There is long tradition of experimentation that began with earliest curiosity about sound and extends today to computers laser technology, MIDI Devices, and highly sophisticated software applications. This is a part of music and will always be so. Technology is tool. It has existed historically to support the music experience and it continues to fulfill that role today. No amount of technology can make poor music better, but technology enhances the music for sure. Beautiful music and the aesthetic experience that surrounds it can only be enhanced with technological assistance.

People are the most important component of any music technology system. The magic happens when we use our creative abilities to make sounds expressive of feeling. Sophisticated hardware, software and

data provided is nothing by themselves, the power of the human mind and spirit to use these resources in the production of art is the essential point.

Today music is just a click away from us, we can listen any kind of music by just clicking play on our device.

Many of us do not know that the 3 minutes track we listen and enjoy too much is a result of high technology and efforts of many days or even months sometimes by professional at studio.

Conclusion : From the beginning, music has been promoted through various factors. Some of them have vanished and some new have come up. Some factors are good for audience while some other are beneficial for Artists.
Music students have  getting benefit from these factors.
However, all the factors are promoting Indian music very well and there is no comparison but I personally feel that Audio-Visual Recording Technology has revolutionized the Indian music.

I hope you like the information provided here. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

****I am thankful to all the sources (active or passive, living or non-living) from where got even a single word to write here even unknowingly.*****

Dr. Vishal

Delhi, India

Dr. Vishal India



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The Role of Music Education in the Development of Sustainable Careers

Punjabi University, Patiala

Punjabi University, Patiala

The Role of Music Education in the Development of Sustainable Careers

Music certainly has a deep impact on each and every individual irrespective of their life style, work profile, geographical location etc.   It is commonly included in religious, civic, social and cultural events. It has power to transport people to another place or time, and, make them dance.


Everyone loves to listen and enjoy music but…

  • What about musicians? Do they get enough support to survive in a modern economy?
  • What about music students? Do they get a career oriented music education?

                              “Musicians are ‘creative workers’, and like others in the sector, need to prepare for a Portfolio Career. The old concept of a “Job for Life” has gone even from more traditional sectors like banking. Creative workers like musicians, usually operate on a continuum with ‘pure art’ at one end and more commercially focused contracts at the other”. – Harry Lyon

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India

Music education has a major role to play by recognizing, that to develop a sustainable career in the music industry, there is a dire need to emphasis on ‘the business’ along with ‘the music’. To prepare students for self-employment education system needs a range of applied practical skills to provide the students a wide range of career opportunities in music industry. These can range from pure music skills like performing, being able to read and write music scores, composing and arranging and using computers to create and record music, to transferable skills in areas like business and management.

At present, what career options come in mind of a student, probably two major options;

  1. Performing Artist
  2. Teaching

Most of the students find these two career options in music industry, but these are not the only options. Music industry has a lot of career options and gates are always open for aspirant individuals, however, it depends on the education and training.

Education departments in schools should emphasis on the music technology and other music related field in the curriculum and syllabus.  Schools should introduce ancillary fields of music industry i.e. Sound Engineering, Event management, Artist management, Musical Instrument making, Publishing Industry, cultural journalism, Cultural research  etc.

An official document “National curriculum framework- 2005, NCERT, INDIA” says;

                                  “Far from encouraging the pursuit of the arts, our education system has steadily discouraged young   students and creative minds from taking to the arts or, at best, permits them to consider the arts to be ‘useful hobbies’ and ‘leisure activities’. The arts are reduced to tools for enhancing the prestige of the school on occasions like Independence Day, Founder’s Day, Annual Day, or during an inspection of the school’s progress and working. Before or after that, the arts are abandoned for the better part of a child’s school life, and the student is headed towards subjects that are perceived as being more worthy of attention.”- (NCERT, 2005, p. 54)

So there is a wide scope for improvement in teaching practices in music subject at school level. Not only schools, but advocacy from concerned government departments, support from community is also required to make the music education more effective and career oriented at schools in India. Schools may arrange workshops of professionals to share their knowledge with students and some collaboration between University students and school may also be an important step to enhance the music education in schools.

A career oriented music education in schools, colleges and universities can provide a career portfolio to music students and empower them to survive in a better way in modern economy system.

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Kaipara College- Has Musical Vibes

Kaipara College- Has Musical Vibes.

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Kaipara College- Has Musical Vibes

I must admit that Kaipara college has got positive Vibes which leads you to play express your best through your music.  This institute has got a unique pattern and as a result they have achieved a peerless level.

Nick and Me

Nick and Me

Nick Roberts, a dexterous teacher a magician cum musician,  has developed a different style of music teaching. I must use a one liner for him;

“I don’t want life to imitate art. I want life to be art”.  -Ernst Fischer

This one liner is suits his personality. Today, I got the privilege to visit Kaipara college for my research visit.  In return, I wanted to share my sitar playing with students there which I usually do in every school I visit.




wonderful students

wonderful students

I am glad to write that playing before these students was pleasure. All the students were seriously into music and staff members were also keen to know about “SITAR”.

After playing a session, Nick wanted me to play for another group which was an exciting offer.Since,next session has to start after an hour, we decided to visit Principal of the School



Mr.John Grant Principal, Kaipara College

Mr.John Grant
Principal, Kaipara College

We had almost 25 minutes long discussion about Music, Society and Music Education in Schools of NZ. I was surprised to have his views on music, He has a vast knowledge of Music, local & National activities on music. He has a keen interest in developing original music in school and provides widespread support to all the art strands to give a creative vision to students.

After had meeting with Mr. Grant we came back in music room for another session . I heard a soulful female voice with guitar cords. I could not resist myself and told Nick that girl is singing very nice. It was his daughter so no doubt; she has to be a nice musician.

Now we were all set for the second session, I enjoyed this session as well. I would like to convey my thanks to Nick, other staff members, Principal and predominantly to all the students for giving me such a wonderful time.

I would also like to thank Merrie McDougall for taking me to this beautiful place.

Best Wishes to all Kaipara Students ; Keep the flag high 🙂

Musically Yours  Dr. Vishal

Musically Yours
Dr. Vishal






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Sitar @ Otamatea High School, 30 June 2014



At Assembly

At Assembly

It was a different experience to visit Otamatea High School on 30/06/2014. The staff and students were quite exciting for “Sitar” which probably was a very new instrument for most of them.

They arranged my performance in School assembly so that most of the students and staff members can experience the soothing notes of Sitar. It was obvious to have a jam packed hall, as it was an school assembly. After distributing some certificates and Awards to some students for their achievements It  was now me to strike the strings………….

It was amazing to feel that students provided me a sound set-up which sometimes a professional can not do in such a short span of time. I started with a very happy mood as I was getting a proper sound of my instrument as well as pin drop silence in the hall.

Playing at School Assembly

The silence in hall remains undisputed till I ended up performance and after that I was fortunate to have a round of applause. Their smiling faces were telling the story of Joy they had in last 10 minutes. It was probably the beautiful sound of Sitar and tranquillity in the audience which made this late morning a remarkable event.

with James & his Beautiful Sitar

After the performance, I got some time to spend with some of the students of year 7 in music room. I had a good discussion with all of them. During my discussion with students, I was informed that a student has a Sitar and wants to see me.

It was James with his Sitar and enthusiasm for Indian  music, he was the first student in New Zealand who has not only passion for Indian music but also has a sitar. He played his sitar in really an unique but pleasant way, as he learned from youtube.  He is an awesome musician and I wish him good luck for his bright career in music.

At last, I convey my thanks to Barry, music teacher, Mrs Rachel Clothier,Principal and to all the students and staff  members.

I am not able to adequately thank to Harry Lyon for his unconditional support during my stay in NZ.

Musically Yours  Dr. Vishal

Musically Yours
Dr. Vishal



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Vishal’s visit with his sitar

This post is originally wrote by Derek Chirnside and I am just passing his words on my blog.

Thanks to Derek for writing about me and my Sitar on his blog….

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Nishat Khan

Nishat Khan.

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Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia

Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia.

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